Schwesinger International & Cie.
Dr. Hartmut Schwesinger

-International marketing and hands-on support in attracting and establishing new foreign businesses for cities, regions, provinces and states worldwide.

-Advisory services and personal support for firms establishing German operations, with a special focus on Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Region.

Forging connections and relationships between corporate clients and political and industry leaders in the target market

- Development of clear strategies 

- Realistic budgets and close monitoring of expenditures

- Detailed action plans

- Personal management of individual projects and events

- Recruitment and management of specialized service providers

- Constant monitoring of progress and adjustments to strategy as necessary




- International marketing for the Province of Ontario, Canada, in partnership with US-based Odell Simms & Linch - till January 2016

-Exclusive VIP events and seminars in partnership with ball:com as "BallSchwesinger" - till February 2016

-Creation and implementation of a branding campaign for hoteliers in the region of Dordogne/Perigord, France, in cooperation with Surface Gesellschaft für Gestaltung mbH and ball:com, 2014

- Advisory services for companies locating especially in the greater Frankfurt area in partnership with CONSILIUS, Munich, 2014



"For years, Hartmut Schwesinger has stood out as a knowledgable pathfinder and an authentic promoter for the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main Region in the world. We have successfully shaped many projects together thanks to his expertise, negotiation skills and tenacity."

Roland Koch

Hessischer Ministerpräsident a.D.

"It is a pleasure to thank you for many years of friendship with you personally and with info sys. It was in 1997, when you first time reached out to info sys when we made a decision to settle in the RheinMain area of Germany. You have helped us throughout our journey and it has been a pleasure to operate in such a wonderful area. It has been your personal commitment to the investment that you also encouraged and brought delegations of German companies to India and thereby promote Indo-German trade. Please allow me to thank you for this and remain."

Narayana N.R. Murthy
Co-Founder Infosys Ltd.

"With great personal dedication, Dr. Schwesinger has successfully commited himself to the advancement and strengthening of economic relations between the Russian Federation and the City of Frankfurt. Thanks to his excellent contacts to important leaders in business and in politics, Dr. Schwesinger has consistently succeeded in finding partners for his ventures. His clear and open approach, his appreciation for the position of his contacts, his international experience, his tenacity and his ability to find unconventional solutions, set him apart. In recognition of his accomplishments for the lasting intensification of business relations the Ministery of Economic Development of the Russian Federation awarded him medals in 2009 and 2011."

Dr.Prof.Andrey Zverev
Minster at the Embassy - /  Trade Commissioner of the Russian Federation in Germany

Success Story

"Creating trust is the real goal of inward investment promotion."

Hartmut Schwesinger´s marketing and communications strategies are successful because he is particularly able to put himself in his client´s shoes and calibrate strategies accordingly. He zeroes in on those aspects that most clearly set his clients apart from their competition. Hartmut Schwesinger firmly believes that tailor-made, creative and unusual approaches and strategies are required to differentiate from the mainstream.


„Frankfurt Digital Marketplace“, March 1995, first homepage of a city in Germany that was addressing a general public, FORTUNE Magazine choose Frankfurt that year as  „5th best city in the world“ to do business with an explicit refference to the "Digital Marketplace".

Already in 1997, long before any other German inward investment agency Dr. Schwesinger promoted Frankfurt in India predominately aiming at  the Indian software companies. As a result the Indian Consul general in Frankfurt could could declare the city to be the „Gateway to Continental Europe for Indian Software Companies“ a couple of years later.

Refering to the „Tours“ on YouTube, short videos in which Dr. Schwesinger personally presented certain aspets of the Frankfurt Rhein Main region in a quite individual manner, the leading German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung des Jahres elected him as one of the "Köpfe des Jahres" (=heads of the year) of Frankfurt Rhein Main. 

An international study on economic development and inward investment promotion by the City of Chicago identified the strategy of the FRM GmbH under Dr. Schwesinger as one of three benchmarks worldwide.

A study by the EU-Commission presented the FRM GmbH as one of eight best practice examples.

According to a partner of the agency conducting that study the concept of the FRM GmbH for using the internet is an international benchmark with the Youtube-Tours, the web-portal „“, which received an award by the German Designers Club, and the presences in the social media.

The minister for economic affairs at the Russian Ambassy in Berlin granted Dr. Schwesinger two awards of the Russian Federation for his merits in fostering the Russian-German economic relationship.

Acknowledging Dr. Schwesinger´s tireless endeavours to strengthen the economic ties between Korea and Germany the Korean-German Business Club in Seoul elected him as an honorary member thus making him the sole non-Korean in that club.

"Cities and regions compete globally with each other, not provinces or states."

 Von Dr. Schwesinger initiated and executed  the following campaigns and events

„Frankfurt meets New York“ – an annual festive dinner (1996-2002) in New York with up to 400 guests and performances by musicians and artists from Frankfurt.

Frankfurt´s initial participations and stands at MIPIM and EXPO REAL.


On his own initiative and in his own responsibility Dr. Schwesinger had the FRM GmbH join the reception „Frankfurt meets Davos“ on behalf of the City of Frankfurt at the World Economic Forum in Davos.